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The use of Colour Therapy is a truly holistic therapy which dates back thousands of years.

It is the Colour energy from light that is used as Colour Therapy.

Colour can have a profound and healing effect on us as humans as well as the animals we share this world with.

UK Based Colour Therapy Workshops

Our Colour Therapy Workshops

We hold regular workshops that are ideal for those who wish to learn more about Colour Therapy, Colour, and how colour is used by Colour Therapists.

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UK Based Colour Therapy Diploma Course

Our Colour Therapy Courses

We also provide a qualifying Diploma Course for those who wish to progress further and practice Colour Therapy on a professional level.

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What is colour

Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths and frequencies, as we see or feel it,

Visible colour plays a very important part in all of our lives; from colour in work, to adverts and design.

As an energy Colour forms just a small part of the Electromagnetic spectrum.

Colour properties

Each colour has its own unique properties, from wavelengths and frequency's to how it can be used as colour therapy.

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