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Violet the colour


VIOLET/PURPLE relates to the CROWN chakra which is at the top of the head The related organ to this chakra is the brain and the endocrine gland is the pineal gland.

Violet relates to self knowledge/ spiritual awareness. It is the union with your higher self, with spirituality, and your higher consciousness.

Violet is the highest colour in the visible spectrum. This colour is known as one of the "cool" colours. It has a very calming effect on us and is, therefore, very helpful for those people experiencing sleep difficulties or stress. However, it can be contra-indicated for those suffering from depressive disorders.

Associated problems

Some of the associated problems relating to the crown chakra are Depression, Parkinson's disease, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, Senile dementia, Alzheimer's , many mental disorders, confusion, dizziness, and even just feeling as if one has a muzzy head.

Some Positive and negative aspects of the colour Violet

positive aspects of this colour negative aspects of this colour
Reverence for all life Feelings of superiority
Outstanding in their chosen job Flaunt power
Great mental powers Morbid interest in black magic or Spiritual awareness mysticism
Humanitarians No concern for others
Pure idealists Fanatics
Self sacrificing Lack of contact with reality
Kind and just  

Using Violet in Colour Therapy

Violet, being the colour relating to our spiritual connection, can be very helpful for meditation and any spiritual matters (Violet is used a great deal within religions across the world).

Indigo can also be helpful for meditation as it is the colour relating to our intuition.

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