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we all have potential

Colour ties in with so many things not only the chakras/energy centres in the body. And numbers are no exception.

The colour and numerology readings we do in our workshop use simple numerology, working with our date of birth, and tie up the numbers with the colours relating to them. Using the knowledge of colours and their meanings, the readings can tell us a great deal about ourselves and our potential. Revealing one’s potential can be very encouraging.

The colour and numerology method is explained (all the relevant information is also given within the workshop booklets provided) and an example given then each participant does his or her own birth date numerology, ties up the numbers and colours and can work on his or her own or work with others, exchanging thoughts on the interpretation. All participants are also given the opportunity to receive an individual interpretation of their findings by Valerie if they wish.

This is always a very popular exercise with workshop participants. Not only is it interesting, it is fun and it also gives everyone a chance to explore the knowledge they have gleaned about the colours and their different aspects.

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